While we do not recommend any of our testing packages for someone under the age of 14, there is not a maximum age to buy one of our career testing packages and their are several points in life when it makes the most sense to take a career aptitude test.

High School Student

High School Students:

High School Students looking to make decisions about college, such as what to major in, where to go, and what career to pursue will greatly benefit from our career assessment services and counseling. With the high cost of college and the competitiveness of today’s job market, it makes more sense than ever to give extra thought to these important choices that will shape a student’s life forever.

College Students:

College Students


College Students looking for their dream job or a career that will last a lifetime will benefit greatly from our assessments as well since they include multiple measures of vocational relevance including personality, interests, abilities, values, and work styles.

Mid-Career Professionals:Mid-Career Professional

Mid-Career Professionals who are either unhappy and ready for a change or maybe just want help in planning their next career move. Before resigning, deciding on a promotion or transfer, or accepting a new offer, a mid-career professional in transition can use the information to make the best possible choice fully knowing themselves and what best fits their style of work.

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